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You’re not alone! Find a community to share your journey.

Sometimes it can feel lonely or overwhelming, especially when you’re just getting started. But you're not alone! There are other people all around you who are also building their new dreams, people who are also just starting out and people who've been doing it long enough to have hard-won lessons to share. Find your own support group, both online and in your local community!


Online Communities

Discover where to hang out across the interwebs with other creative entrepreneurs – Facebook Groups, Slack Teams, and Forums! Check out our growing list of online communities.



See what’s happening around the area (and beyond) where you can connect with others face-to-face.



Networking Resource List

Something special happens when creative people get in a room together. Harness that energy and attend in-person events to meet local peers and find mentors.   Local to Baltimore Read more >

Online Communities

Online Communities Resource List

There are online communities to match anyone’s preferences and topics. You should explore your options to find those that are a good fit for you, but here are a few Read more >