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Save time and frustration, know the basics

One of the toughest things to do as a business owner is simply figuring out how and where to start. What documents do you need to submit? What forms should you fill out? It can all be so confusing! In this section we will attempt to make your life easier by giving you a basis of information which will save you time and frustration. Learn what exactly you need to launch successfully. While these concepts are universal, at the moment this site only includes region-specific resources for Maryland.


Understanding Business Structures

Are you a freelancer or starting your own studio? On your own or working with a partner? Know the pros and cons of different business structures with this comprehensive breakdown by The Small Business Association


Write Your Business Plan

It’s the blueprint for everything you’re trying to achieve, and indispensable if you’re trying to get outside funding. This business plan guide will help walk you through all the common topics you’ll need to think about.


Legal Concerns

The last thing you want is legal trouble! Make sure you know the proper licenses, permits, and registrations for your local jurisdiction before you get too far in your planning process. It can affect your budget, your timeline, and even your location.



Registrations and Licensing

Part of running your business will be to make sure you’re properly licensed and registered with the appropriate oversight organizations in your state. Here is some guidance, Read more >


Key Legal Resources for Creative Businesss

Like it or not, going into business means educating yourself about the legal requirements of your field and of your locality. This overview includes key resources in Maryland Read more >