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Registrations and Licensing

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Part of running your business will be to make sure you’re properly licensed and registered with the appropriate oversight organizations in your state. Here is some guidance, along with a

Introduction to Marketing

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Understanding Your Customers Your customers have needs, which include: Physical needs, such as food, clothing and shelter Social needs, such as belonging, status and affection Individual needs such as knowledge

Your Brand as an Experience

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Branding. We certainly hear that word over and over and over. What does it really mean, what is it? How do we create a brand for ourselves? Even if we


Am I Ready for Freelancing? Things to consider if you're a new designer thinking of going out on your own Read More > A creative resource for entrepreneurs. YouLaunchIt.org is


Taking those first few steps towards being your own boss can be scary… especially as a creative professional, where you’re putting your own skills to the test while learning the

Networking Resource List

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Something special happens when creative people get in a room together. Harness that energy and attend in-person events to meet local peers and find mentors. Local to Baltimore Startup Soiree

Accounting Quick Resources

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Keeping track of where your money comes from and where it goes is crucial… not only for keeping track of how well your business is doing, but for your own

What’s in a Name?

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  Shakespeare says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” While this is certainly true, how likely are you to go smell a patch of, let’s say