Run It:

Clients, and projects, and marketing, oh my!

Once you’ve started your business comes the hard part: running it! Figuring out how you’ll  manage your business, your clients, and the day-to-day of getting your work done should be part of the planning you do long before you hang that “open” sign on your door. The articles below will will help you answer these key questions:


Knowing your clients

Who are your clients and how will they find you? How will both know you’re the right fit for each other?


Making the sale

Once you have their attention, how will you close the deal?


Saving your sanity

How do you make sure that your clients are happy, without driving yourself — and them — crazy?



What’s in a Name?

Your name makes a difference. It’s the first thing people hear and it’s how they reference you in their mind. So let’s get down to it. Where do you start Read more >


Your Brand as an Experience

Branding. We certainly hear that word over and over and over. What does it really mean? How do we create a brand for ourselves Read more >